Introducing 100 Men Who Give a Damn – a radically simple approach to giving back to the community in a way that warms your heart while impacting lives right here in the Triangle.

We are a membership-based giving circle inspired by the success of our friends at 100 Women Who Give a Hoot. They do amazing work.

We are a diverse group of altruistic men. Community leaders, business professionals, artists, volunteers, husbands, and fathers from all races, ethnicities and religious beliefs.

Here’s how it works:

1. Members attend four hour-long meetings per year (one per quarter). They commit to giving $100 for each meeting.

2. During that meeting, three local nonprofits are invited to give a five-minute presentation on who they are, what they do in the community and how our group donation would make a difference for those whom they serve.

3. After the presentations, each member votes for the nonprofit that they would like to see receive the group donation. Votes are tallied, and the charity with the most votes receives the $10,000 on the spot!

4. 100 men X $100 each – that’s $10,000 to one local nonprofit in just one hour – now THAT’s impact!

5. At the following meeting, the chosen charity provides an update to our members as to how the donation was/is being used and the impact it is making.

See? Simple.